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The Chocolove Chase

On the 25th of May Toms will be helping out one of his favorite Boulder riding buddies, Allen Krughoff, with a fun ride/charity fundraiser! “Win your weight in Chocolove during this 3 hour, partner-based scavenger hunt on bikes! A fundraising event to get more kids on bikes, providing scholarships for the Colorado High School Cycling League. Featuring prizes from Chocolove, Mavic, WTB, The Coffee Ride, Stages Cycling and more. How It Works Our grand prize is your weight in chocolate, generously donated by Chocolove, redeemed in quarterly pickups. Did you know that 160lbs is 800 full size bars of Chocolove?? Here's how to play... First, find a partner. The heavier teammate's weight will be used for the Chocolove Grand Prize, so choose wisely! Waypoints will be announced Friday, May 24th at 5pm, each with a unique hole punch. The goal is to punch your waypoint card and get as many points as possible, returning by noon sharp. Waypoints that are harder to get to are worth more points. It's up to your team to decide the best route and how far to gamble riding to make it back on time. Teams will receive a ticket for each point earned. The better you do, the more tickets you receive. When you get back, put your tickets towards the prize(s) your team wants to win. The more tickets you allocate to a prize, the better your odds of winning. Waypoints will spread across pavement, dirt roads and some singletrack. Bike choice is ultimately up to you but we anticipate many will be on cyclocross or gravel bikes with 35c tires. We'll also be selling tickets to help buffer your odds, though it'll cost you to make up for points earned during The Chase! All proceeds go to support High School MTB League Scholarships. Entry is $20 per person and additional prize tickets are $5”. More information can be found on the website:

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